Autocraft Bodywerks is proud to be certified for aluminum repair in Austin, Texas. This certification and training is very important because aluminum repairs and welding are not the same as steel repair. In fact, we maintain a completely separate facility for all of our aluminum repairs for a number of reasons. With aluminum welds it is critical that steel particles and steel dust be kept completely out of the environment where aluminum repairs are being done. This is due to the fact that aluminum welds are conducted using different material and at different temperatures than a traditional steel weld. If steel particles get into an aluminum weld, the weld will be considered non-compliant by the standards we use.

First, we use the most sophisticated system in the world to determine the slightest variance in your vehicle’s frame based on the original manufacture’s specifications. To accomplish this we have invested in the Matrix Wand, an extremely accurate 3-D optical imaging system that measures values to within +/- 1mm in 2 meters. The software allows our technicians to compare and analyze
critical dimensions such as Mash, Sway and Swag.

Once we have determined that there is a variance in your frame, use our Car-O-Liner system to straighten the frame to correct specifications, then we remove the damaged section of frame and replace it with a new OEM (original manufacturer) part. This insures that your vehicle will perform to exact OEM standards after our repair and restoral process is completed.
Most modern passenger vehicles are built with a unibody type of construction. Our highly trained technicians will use the most sophisticated technology available to determine if your vehicles unibody has been compromised in any way. Once the damage has been carefully identified and evaluated, the damaged section is removed and replaced with a new OEM (original manufacturer) replacement part.
This is a crucial part of the process since any new paint must match the original manufacturer paint under a variety of lighting conditions. Our paint technicians have metal paint cards (not paper like many shops) with paint samples from every vehicle manufacturer we service. Our technicians match these against the surface of your vehicle using a special sun gun to simulate natural sunlight hitting the paint from various angles, just the way it would under normal driving conditions. Once we’ve determined the precise composition of the paint to use our expert paint technicians can go to work.
We are extremely proud of our paint facilities, systems and most importantly, our talent. Our paint master is a 4th generation automotive paint technician with decades of experience and an eye for detail. The first step in fine automotive painting is in the preparation. Every part to be painted is meticulously prepared to insure a smooth surface and flawless paint to surface bonding can be achieved.

Paint is applied to the finely prepared surface using the latest paint delivery systems guide by the expert hands of our paint technicians. Once the vehicle has been painted it is baked in one of our sealed, dust-free paint booths at 140 degrees until the paint is properly bonded.

After baking, all newly painted surfaces are carefully checked and then buffed and polished to perfection. Our quality control department inspects every detail to insure the repairs meet our rigorous standards. It is a meticulous process we will repeat if our standards are not met.
There are many instances where paintless dent removal can be an appropriate solution. Non-intrusive door dings and parking lot mishaps can spoil the beautiful curves and lines intended for your vehicle by the original manufacture. Our skilled technicians can determine if paintless dent removal is the best solution for your vehicle.
As they say here in Texas, if you don’t like the weather just wait a minute. Unfortunately we live in an area where hail, sometimes severe, is an occasional hazard. If your vehicle has been damaged by hail we have years of experience and the experts on hand to repair the damage and return your vehicle to showroom condition.
Every vehicle we repair and restore receives between 6 and 10 hours of meticulous detailing from our highly experienced detail experts. This is a critical point in the repair and restoration of your vehicle that truly distinguishes Autocraft Bodywerks from the rest of the pack. Your vehicle’s exterior, undercarriage, trunk and interior are buffed, polished, vacuumed and given the royal treatment to compliment the extraordinary effort the rest of our team has put into repairing and restoring your vehicle to showroom condition. Our detailing is literally the icing on the cake.
We have a long-standing partnership with Enterprise Rent-A-Car and will assist you in every way possible when it comes to making arrangements for your rental car. We can arrange to have the Enterprise courtesy driver meet you at our facility or we can provide transportation to any rental car facility you choose. We recognize that dealing with insurance and automotive repairs can be a stressful experience so it’s our goal to make the entire experience as easy and stress-free as possible.

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Here in the state of Texas you have the right to decide where your vehicle is repaired. And you have the right to request ONLY original manufacturer parts be used in the repair. Here at Autocraft Bodywerks we ONLY use original parts to restore your vehicle to as close to showroom condition as possible. We are passionate about what we do and take pride in restoring automotive dreams every day.

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